Nanyang Quantum 2017: Workshop on Quantum Resources and Correlations Beyond Entanglement


Quantum technologies such as computing, communication, and metrology, lie at a rapidly growing cross-disciplinary frontier between information science, optics, semiconductor and superconductor physics, and materials science. These technologies promise feats that are classically either infeasible or impossible. This advantage can be traced back to certain uniquely quantum resources, of which quantum entanglement is an iconic example. The last decade has seen growing evidence that entanglement is not the only such resource, setting off a surge of activity in the study of quantum resources: quantum discord, coherence, asymmetry, thermal nonequilibrium, exotic states of light or matter, and many more. This ushers in an age of new technologies harnessing quantum resources, possibly in environments that may not support entanglement.

This workshop brings together leading researchers in this blossoming field and provides a platform for cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration. Together we hope to discussed questions related but not limited to

  • - How are various quantum resources related, can one be converted to another?
  • - How do quantum resources theories help identify exotic states of matter of light or vice versa?
  • - What are the operational meaning behind various quantum resources and how can this be experimentally witnessed?

Dec 11 - Dec 13, 2017
[ Mon ] - [ Wed ]
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Public SOLD OUT $300.00
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Venue Address
Nanyang Executive Centre, 60 Nanyang View, Singapore 639673 Singapore
Institute of Advanced Studies @ Nanyang Technological University